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Lior Nabat, Advisor
Social Trading

Lior founded Tradency – a fintech – in 2005 and since its inception, he has been leading Tradency as its CEO.

Tradency invented the Mirror Trading concept in early 2005, creating a bank-grade trading service that provides retail traders with valuable, professional knowledge and automatic trading strategy implementation.

Lior is an entrepreneurial and driven business executive with a proven track record in software ventures, product development, business growth and cross-functional leadership for both startup and established high-tech companies.

He is highly skilled in financial trading technology, product development, product marketing, operations and management. He is innovative and creative with 20 years of experience creating and selling cutting-edge technologies globally.

Prior to founding Tradency, Lior served in key management positions at DSPG (Chip Design, Alpha Cell (Mobile) and TdSoft (Telecom). He served 8 years in the Israeli Air Force as a commander of a special telecom unit. In addition, Lior is a co-founder of two internet-based companies i.e. Contextors and Fridgenet.

Lior is also the President of the Israeli chapter of the Entrepreneur Organization. He holds a B.A in Mathematics and Computer Science from the Open University in Tel-Aviv, Israel and the AMP from the University of Pennsylvania – the Wharton School.


Amir Eslampanah, Advisor

Currently regarded as one of the world’s top experts in Blockchain and cryptography, Amir has been coding since he was eight years old. He graduated with Honours from the Sir Robert Borden High School and he was a candidate in the University of Waterloo’s Honours Software Engineering COOP program for 2 years, where Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin was a former classmate.

Amir proceeded to drop out of the program and went on to become the lead developer of GoldCoin (GLD). He is credited as the founder of the “Golden River Mining” algorithm. Amir was also part of the initial group known as the "fontas btc-e pump group" that pioneered LiteCoin (LTC). Litecoin started at 0.7 cents and has achieved mind-boggling growth since inception.


Mario Singh, Advisor
Foreign Exchange (Forex)

A widely sought-after thinker in the finance industry, Mario has appeared more than 40 times on international media CNBC and Bloomberg, each time giving his market views to an estimated 350 million viewers worldwide.

As an accomplished corporate consultant, Mario has been brought in by some of the biggest banks in the world to speak to their traders and clients. Some of his clientele include ICBC - China’s biggest bank, Julius Baer - the third largest Swiss bank and OCBC – ranked by Bloomberg as the world’s strongest bank in 2011.

His two best-selling books “17 Proven Currency Trading Strategies” and “Unlocking the World’s Largest Financial Secret” are endorsed by global billion-dollar fund managers like Dr. Mark Mobius, Executive Chairman of Templeton Emerging Markets Group, and David Kotok, Chairman of Cumberland Advisors.

With 15 years experience in the margin trading industry, Mario brings a wealth of experience and valuable input to the team at CopyCash. His analytical mind and deep industry connections play a major role in propelling the company forward on the global stage.  

Richard Wang, Advisor
Venture Capital

Richard Wang is a partner of Draper Dragon and graduated from National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan with a Masters Degree in Telecommunications and Engineering. He is also a Ph.D. candidate.

As a partner in Draper Dragon, Richard is in charge of investments in artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet of Things, etc. He was also a part of and invested in YeePay, Nanosic, Innodealing, Epticore, ZGMICRO, IdeeBank and blockchain companies such as Haopu Information and Technology Co. Ltd, Vechain, Metaverse, RedPulse, Chinapex, Alphacat and DAF.

Apart from having over 20 years of experience in technology research and development, Richard is also involved in marketing and holds other key positions mainly in the areas of electromagnetic field research.

He also founded EDT Inc. that specialises in the development and sales of telecommunications products. Subsequently, he founded QunZhong E-Commerce and as CEO successfully opened up new sales channels via mobile internet and IPTV. With partners from Silicon Valley, he also founded OLEA Network, a company that researches and develops wireless intelligent ECG sonar by using Doppler radar principles.

Over the past few years, Richard has been focusing on integrated circuits and the Internet of Things in relation to industrial applications. Currently he is embarking into the areas of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. 


Bobby Lieu

Bobby Lieu is a sought after leader in the Asian financial markets. Armed with more than 20 years experience in venture capital, his broad investments in the region include start-ups, growth stage companies and enterprises, finance and disruptive technologies. Bobby’s business partners include the famed DFJ Dragon Fund in China. He was also the Co-Founder of the Shenzhen Digital Assets Exchange.

Excited by the potential of blockchain, Bobby first invested in cryptocurrency technology as early as 2011.

Today as CEO of CopyCash, Bobby’s vision is to disrupt the entire wealth advisory landscape by bridging global trading experts with retail investors in a transparent and decentralized platform. 


Amir Eslampanah

Apart from being the Advisor, Amir is also the CTO of CopyCash. As CopyCash’s CTO, Amir will oversee the integration and development of the social travesting platform, and at the same time, explore and facilitate further architectural and development of blockchain and cryptography on the platform. He will report to Dr. Bobby Lieu, the company’s CEO.

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