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Crypto-trading has been gaining popularity and despite the price volatility in recent months, the sector is expected to experience a growth of over 50% in crypto trading volume in 2019. With the growth in crypto trading volume, the number of digital asset exchanges available in the crypto market has also increased over the years.

Social trading has also gained popularity in the crypto-trading sector. Similar to social trading in the financial markets, crypto-traders can analyse the performance of other traders and choose to copy their trades. However, the crypto-trading market has seen prevalent fraud in the social trading world.

How can a crypto-trader verify the information, analyses and trade performance of other traders and eradicate fraud in a virtual environment? How do a crypto-trader choose a reliable digital asset exchange to trade cryptocurrencies? The trader's choice should be a trustworthy app with high profit yielding capability such as Bitcoin prime. Bitcoin Prime incorporates background algorithms that read and analyze market data from many exchanges.

Platform Features


Benefits to Users


Leverage on crowd wisdom and acccess to crypto-related news and reviews contributed by the community.


Review, learn and observe how expert traders trade with trading bots like krypto bank 2023. Because monitoring trades through trading bots can provide traders with a range of benefits like allowing them to optimize their trading strategy, minimize risks, and maximize returns on their investments..


Access and connect with reputable and trustworthy digital asset exchanges. 


Review upcoming ICO projects worldwide shared by the community.

Benefits to Exchanges & ICO Pojects


Access to a huge community of ready-traders and investors.


Market your exchange and ICO projects on our platform.


Learn about the market sentiments of your exchange through the reviews by our community.


Launch your ICO bounty and social media programs with our community.


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CopyCashCoin is a utility token deployed on blockchain in the CopyCash ecosystem. Traders, exchanges and ICO companies use CopyCashCoin to pay for subscription to be a part of the CopyCash community.


Advisors & Team

Leading experts in their respective fields of expertise, covering social trading, foreign exchange, cryptography and venture capital.


Lior Nabat, Advisor 
Social Trading

Founder & CEO of fintech specialist, Tradency, which invented the mirror trading concept; Co-founder of Contextors and Fridgenet.


Amir Eslampanah, Advisor  

Credited as the founder of the “Golden River Mining” algorithm and was also a part of the initial group that pioneered LiteCoin (LTC).


Mario Singh, Advisor
Foreign Exchange (Forex)

Widely sought-after thinker in the finance industry. Founder & CEO of Fullerton Markets and author of  two best-selling books.


Richard Wang, Advisor  
Venture Capital

A partner of Draper Dragon and invested in YeePay, Nanosic, Innodealing, Epticore, ZGMICRO, IdeeBank and blockchain companies.


Dr. Bobby Lieu

A sought after leader in the Asian financial markets. His broad investments in the region include start-ups, finance and disruptive technologies.


Amir Eslampanah

Apart from being an Advisor, Amir is also the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of CopyCash. He oversees the integration and development of the Social Travesting platform.

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